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MAN TipMatic®* - The next generation

Upshift on efficiency: MAN TipMatic®

The new generation of MAN TipMatic® gearboxes lowers fuel consumption and increases driving comfort. With a range of specially tailored moving off and gearshift strategies, MAN offers optimized drivetrain solutions for vehicles in a variety of applications, may this be in normal road operation or in heavy-duty, off-road or emergency deployment. Depending on the area of application, different gearshift functions and programmes are available. The new gearbox functions are also perfectly attuned for combination with the D08, D15, D26 and D38 engines. Operation is effortless and can be either fully automatic or carried out manually via the tilt lever on the steering wheel, depending on the gearshift programme. This means that the driver is not distracted and can fully concentrate on the road.

New gearshift functions for increased comfort, efficiency and safety

Thanks to its new gearshift programmes and additional gearbox functions, the MAN TipMatic® reduces fuel consumption while significantly increasing driving comfort and safety.

SmartShifting is an evolution of the SpeedShifting function. While SpeedShifting enables the MAN TipMatic® to shift more quickly between the three highest gears (10th, 11th, and 12th), SmartShifting allows for a combination of fast shifting processes in all gears. This means that the gearbox can shift down more quickly in situations such as entering an incline, helping the vehicle to retain its momentum and save fuel.

Another new feature is the electronically controlled engine brake with so-called upshift assistance. It enables large gear steps of up to three gears, especially when driving uphill. Also new is the gearshift logic that operates even more intelligently depending on the respective driving situation. The software here calculates the optimum gearshift speed using data such as the accelerator position, the vehicle mass and the calculated driving resistance. The optimum speed in this case is not necessarily the fastest. It is rather an ideal compromise between gearshift speed, comfort and material wear.

Idle Speed Driving allows for comfortable driving at idling speed. It enables the driver to manoeuvre the truck with exceptional precision or to just let the vehicle cruise along comfortably in slow-moving traffic on the motorway. After moving off, the vehicle travels at a low idling speed of around 600 rpm, without the driver having to press the accelerator. If the engine torque is insufficient at idling speed, the MAN TipMatic® shifts down. The clutch opens as soon as the driver presses down on the brake pedal.

Optimum gear selection is provided by the MAN TipMatic® load detection function. It automatically selects the optimum gear for moving off when the vehicle is empty or fully loaded. In addition, the high transmission-ratio spread and the gradient recognition software also support excellent moving-off behaviour.

The rocking-free function of the MAN TipMatic® facilitates moving off if the truck is stuck in snow or loose, muddy ground. It automatically selects a suitable gear to reduce the torque to the drive wheels and thus avoid wheel spin. This makes it easier for the driver to ‘rock’ the truck free.

Gearshift programmes to suit every situation

The MAN TipMatic® features tailored gearshift programmes to guarantee increased road safety and reduce fuel consumption in a variety of applications.

* Within the limits of the system.

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