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Adaptive Cruise Control ACC Stop & Go*

The ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) automatically regulates the speed of the truck and the distance to the traffic ahead. Extra assistance is now provided in traffic jams and slow-moving traffic with the new Stop & Go function. This significantly relieves the pressure on the driver and increases traffic safety.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Preventing rear-end collisions

Particularly in dense traffic and on well-maintained country lanes, drivers frequently misjudge their own speed, as well as the distance to the vehicle in front. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) brakes automatically when required and maintains a constant safety distance. This helps to avoid emergency braking situations. which often result in rear-end collisions. The new stop-and-go function now also takes the pressure off the driver with automatic stopping and starting in urban traffic and in traffic jams.

Radar and camera – two sensor systems for maximum reliability

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works using two independent sensor systems – radar and camera. The radar sensor detects vehicles ahead and calculates their speed, distance and position in relation to your truck. The camera in the windscreen has an independent object-recognition system and also recognises the road markings. This means the vehicle ahead can be detected with high levels of precision and reliability even in complex road layouts, adverse weather conditions or darkness.

Maximum user convenience

The multi-function steering wheel allows the driver to set their desired speed with ease. This is then maintained without the need to press the accelerator pedal. The driver can also set the desired safety distance to the vehicle ahead, with four different settings available. On clear roads, the vehicle accelerates to the desired speed set. If the ACC detects slower traffic ahead, it automatically adjusts the speed and distance.

Functional enhancement: stop-and-go

The addition of the new stop-and-go function to the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) now also enables use in traffic jams or urban traffic. If traffic comes to a stop, the truck uses the stop-and-go function to brake independently until it comes to a standstill and, for short stops under two seconds, it then starts again automatically. For stops over two seconds long, the service brake is automatically applied. The truck then starts again once the accelerator pedal or a button on the multi-function steering wheel is pressed. This will, in future, take the pressure off drivers in slow-moving traffic, allowing them to effortlessly navigate traffic jams and avoid rear-end collisions.

* Within the limits of the system.

Available for the following models:

* Within the limits of the system.