MAN Oils

MAN Oils

MAN is proud to introduce an expanded top tier range of MAN lubricants, suitable and approved for all MAN truck and bus models. To ensure that the highest quality in manufacturing of MAN lubricants has been achieved, MAN sought out a partner that met stringent lubricant manufacturing standards. A suitable fit, Engen Lubricants is the chosen business partner to manufacture and blend the selected range of products.

The MAN range of lubricants offers our valued customers a lubricant specification which is approved over a wide range of product applications. Only the very best have been chosen to ensure maximum durability of the MAN driveline.

The MAN range of quality lubricants takes out the confusion of selecting the correct top-up or servicing product for your vehicle. Additionally lubricants carry a full manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind and commercial vehicle transport assurance that your valued asset is using the lubricant type specifically designed for MAN vehicles.

In the same way that MAN vehicles have been designed to take on the toughest African conditions, so too is the MAN lubricant range specially formulated for MAN drivelines for longevity, reliability and economy.

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