MAN Synthetic Engine Oil

MAN Synthetic Engine Oil

MAN Synthetic Engine Oil is an ultra high performance SAE 10W-40, synthetic based, heavy duty diesel engine crankcase oil. It exceeds the highest performance requirements of the latest generation of MAN Truck & Bus high performance Trucknology® diesel engines.

MAN Synthetic Engine Oil

It has been extensively field tested in South Africa, using local standard fuel, and has proven its durability in our severe local operating environment. It has proven excellent performance with regard to reducing wear, maintaining viscosity and engine cleanliness, in the extreme operating conditions commonly found in southern Africa. It also addresses the concerns of the sensitivity of engine control systems to the sulphated ash content of the lubricant of the next generation of engines.


MAN Synthetic Engine Oil is designed for use in the latest generation MAN Trucknology® engines requiring oil to works standard M 3277. It can also be used in older generation engines requiring oil to works standard MAN 271 and M 3275 as well as D08 and D28 engines from EURO 0, I and II emission class.


  • Conforms with warranty requirements
  • Exceptional engine cleanliness due to excellent soot handling characteristics
  • Superior lubrication – reduced wear and increased engine life
  • Optimal oil consumption due to inherent low volatility, resulting in reduced emissions
  • Excellent low temperature properties – immediate protection on start-up
  • Compatible with engine management devices and exhaust after-treatment systems

Performance Level

M 3277, MB 228.5, ACEA E7-04, E4-99 and API CI-4.

Available in: 210 litre, 20 litre and 5 litre containers for easy along the road top-up.