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  • Innovative assistance systems
  • Outstanding comfort and practical equipment in the interior
  • 10 tonnes of load bearing capacity for vehicles with 4 axles

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The MAN TGS – The robust all-rounder with efficiency guarantee

The MAN TGS is unparalleled in its versatility: whether in difficult short-haul or distribution transport, on the construction site, in the utilities sector or as a specialist on a tough mission, our robust all-rounder is guaranteed to impress no matter what the task. Thanks to the highly intuitive instrument panel, all important switches and functions are always close at hand. And after a successful tour, a well thought out rest area is waiting for you so that you can feel right at home. More comfortable than ever before.

It can take on muddy forests and steep gravel tracks as easily as it can continuous efficient use on the motorways. It takes to the roads with strength thanks to its powerful drive, while its consistent lightweight construction and intelligent efficiency systems cut costs too. The MAN TGS – a power package that gives its all to ensure the success of your business.

Application segments for the MAN TGS

Engine & gearbox

MAN D15 engine


MAN TGS D15 engine in Euro 6

More power, reduced weight, less fuel consumption and lower emissions. Thanks to the modern common rail injection system, the new D15 engine is even more sustainable and efficient. The high-pressure fuel pump ensures the finest possible fuel atomisation, thus ensuring effective combustion and a high level of efficiency. The simplified SCR exhaust aftertreatment system guarantees low maintenance and repair costs due to long service intervals for the diesel particulate filter. A few kilos lighter, the powerful D15 engine can now take a greater load. As regards the D15 engine’s mileage and reliability, you can rely on the usual MAN quality.

Engine: D2676, 316-375 kW, MAN D26 engine in Euro 6


MAN TGS D26 engine in Euro 6

Your business needs a strong driving force: The MAN D26 engine has 10 HP more power, 100 Nm more torque and offers 70 kilos of additional payload in comparison to its predecessor. The result: Maximum efficiency and increased performance with simultaneously lower fuel consumption. The two-stage cooled exhaust recirculation of the engine effectively reduces the formation of nitrogen oxide by directly feeding part of the exhaust gases back into the system. a positive effect for both the environment and your balance sheet.

MAN TipMatic® 12-speed gearbox

MAN TipMatic®

Moving into a higher gear in terms of efficiency

Concentrate on arriving safely at your destination and let our intelligent MAN TipMatic® gearshift system take responsibility for selecting the right gear. Specially designed software calculates the ideal gearshift speed based on various indicators and automatically selects the most comfortable solution: for greater efficiency and less wear and tear. The unique functions of our innovative twelve-speed gearbox are rounded off by a number of different programs, for use in fleet operation, or by experienced drivers etc. You are even able to reduce wear and fuel costs where driver changes are frequent, thanks to the option to limit manual mode. Take comfort and efficiency up a gear with the MAN TipMatic®.

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Engine Displacement
D1556 9.0 l
243 kW (330 HP), 1600 Nm  
265 kW (360 HP), 1700 Nm  
294 kW (400 HP), 1800 Nm  
D2676 12.4 l
316 kW (430 HP), 2200 Nm  
346 kW (470 HP), 2400 Nm  
375 kW (510 HP), 2600 Nm  

Design & cab


Room for everything – except compromise! From a high-definition display and new, intuitive switch and operating concept to the numerous improvements in the rest compartment: we really have thought of everything for you with the new design of our interiors.

User-friendly MAN cockpit

MAN TGS highlights

  • Intuitive switch and operating concept
    Perfectly positioned: with the new operating concept in our MAN TGS cockpits, all the switches you will need to operate frequently and quickly are close to hand. For intuitive operation and outstanding work place comfort.

  • High-definition colour display
    Everything at a glance – with the new, high-definition LCD colour display in the main instrument. Warning messages and current traffic updates are highlighted for maximum safety and comfort.

  • Optimised fleet management thanks to digital networking
    Digital networking with functions and solutions relevant to you and your business area. You will receive automatic access to all cloud-based digital services at any time, for even more efficient and comfortable fleet management, with the new on-board telematics module (RIO box).

  • Even more free space
    The new coolbox is refreshingly flexible. It can be stored comfortably under the bed, giving you greater freedom of movement. The streamlined gearshift and centre console offers additional space between the seats.

  • Simply feel at home
    You’ll feel at home in the new interior of the MAN TGS. The new gooseneck lamps create a cosy atmosphere. You can control the interior lighting, window lifter and sliding roof from the bed with the new rest compartment controls. Plug sockets for mobile phones, tablets and televisions are close to hand and new stowage compartments offer greater storage and organisation within the cab.


For us, an attractive exterior and optimum performance belong together. The sophisticated design of our MAN TGS combines functional aesthetics with the highest efficiency.

Lion-strong design: MAN TGS on the motorway

Lion-strong design

Strong performance: The MAN TGS comes across confidently, with its distinctive contours and impressive charisma. The MAN lions on the radiator grille and steering wheel stand for strength and performance: letting you know at first glance what our power pack is made of.

Variable axle load ratio: MAN TGS on a steep construction site

Variable axle load ratio

Always a good move: the variable axle load ratio in the MAN TGS ensures optimal traction on the drive axle whatever the load. The axle load is distributed variably between driven and non-driven axles, ensuring the necessary tractive force can be applied optimally even on unsurfaced terrain.

Revised bumper: MAN TGS front view

Revised bumper

Cool even after long operating periods: the lamellar structure of our new plastic bumper protects the technology of the MAN TGS against overheating thanks to the optimised cool-air flow, making the core element of our vehicle front not just impressive to look at, but also impressively practical.

Lightweight construction: MAN TGS tipper on a construction site

Lightweight construction

Lighter on tours: the heavy-duty MAN TGS series convinces with its consistent application of lightweight construction principles. The lighter a truck is, the greater the payload it can transport – with less fuel consumption: meaning there is more left for you at the end of the day.

Body-friendly frame design: MAN TGS frame

Frame design for easy body mounting

Best conditions: The MAN TGS offers you a range of possibilities, as the even top edge of the frame allows for all types of superstructures to be mounted quickly and simply. The frame clearance behind the cab can also be used for additional add-on components, such as a crane superstructure. Even retroactive conversions can be easily realised thanks to the available hole pattern.

The MAN TGS cabs

Comfortable atmosphere as standard: it doesn’t matter which of the cabs you decide to go for, with the MAN TGS you’ve always got comfort on board.

MAN M cab

M cab

The compact class: small in dimension but a giant in terms of storage. The M cab is the right choice for short routes in short-haul and distribution transport, in the construction industry or in the utilities sector.

MAN L cab

L cab

The multi-talent: while working hard as a payload star, the L cab transforms itself during rest breaks into a relaxing area of retreat thanks to the comfort bed and numerous stowage options that come as standard.

MAN LX cab

LX cab

Drivers who work hard and are away on long tours deserve a relaxing break. With two comfortable beds and generous storage and stowage options, the LX cab offers you plenty of space and maximum comfort.

MAN XLION equipment packages

MAN XLION – top performance. In every discipline.

Endurance, efficient performance and total reliability in all fields of application. The new MAN XLION trucks are perfectly designed for extreme performances within long-haul and distribution transport as well as construction site work.

More on MAN XLION equipment packages

Safety and efficiency systems

Safety system icon: MAN truck with Adaptive Cruise Control

Safety & driver assistance systems

The MAN TGS comes with numerous intelligent safety and driver assistance systems to ensure that you always arrive at your destination safely.

We have expanded our Adaptive Cruise Control with a Stop & Go function, so that you can stay relaxed while driving in traffic. This technology allows the MAN TGS to brake independently in traffic, right up until the truck comes to a complete stop. It can also pull away again independently following short stops. Also on board is our advanced emergency braking system (EBA), which recognises the threat of a collision in advance and automatically puts on the brakes for you.

Efficiency system icon: Rising profits

Efficiency systems

Less consumption with better performance will soon become part of everyday life for you with our efficiency systems. Save – from the get-go.

Because we know fuel makes up a significant portion of your costs, we have used our intelligent efficiency systems to optimise the fuel consumption of our trucks.

Our GPS-assisted MAN EfficientCruise® cruise control system not only detects upward and downward gradients along the route up to three kilometres in advance, it also automatically selects the best gear for you, eliminating large interruptions in traction.

Our efficiency systems: helping you to make the most of every drop of fuel.

MAN TipMatic®

MAN EfficientCruise® with MAN EfficientRoll

HydroDrive icon: Tyres on a steep road

MAN HydroDrive®

Keep a grip - don't let it slip: you won’t lose your hold on difficult terrain ever again with the selectable front-axle drive that comes with MAN HydroDrive®.

Extra traction when you need it: all-wheel drive may not necessarily be the optimal solution if you are only out on slippery surfaces occasionally. That’s where the MAN HydroDrive® comes into its own, with selectable front-axle drive. It offers greater traction when required, while saving considerably on fuel in comparison to traditional all-wheel drives and cutting up to 750 kg in weight. With the MAN HydroDrive® your wheels are always firmly on the ground and no terrain can stop you from reaching your destination.

More information on MAN HydroDrive®



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